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our products

with our flagship formulations, our goal is to continue unveiling products engineered by nature; products we will not just promote but will also personally consume

the world's first carbohydrate optimizer whose active ingredients help the body overcome the negative effects of carbs in natural and holistic ways
a revolutionary and powerful anti-aging and skin-repairing solution that keeps you healthy and youthful inside and out
sanitizer powered by Path-Away®, which is a plant-based formula proven in world renowned laboratories
elderberry & zinc capsules for adults combines the strength of not one–but five high-quality, immune-supporting ingredients.
we stand firmly behind our products and gladly share them with our loved ones because we believe wholeheartedly in what we do and how we do it

our vision

our vision has been to live in a world of minimized and managed inflammation, leading to improved health and prolonged life

our mission

our mission is to educate people on the dangers of inflammation and provide natural, scientifically-tested solutions and lifestyle changes through network marketing
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over 19,200,000 servings in the first 24 months

retail profit

earn up to 35% by purchasing products at wholesale price and selling them at retail price.
you keep the profit

fast start bonus

up to 30% with the fast start bonus pays you immediate income on the initial order of the people you bring into your Health Therapies business -
a great way to get your business up and running fast

team commission

the team commission is calculated from your placement tree which has two legs: a left and a right. you will then be compensated after successfully building two legs of your own. earn up to 12.5% commission

leadership matching

bonus based on a percentage of team commissions from people that you personally sponsor up to five levels

leadership bonus pool

only distributors ranking ruby or above qualify for the leadership bonus pool. the number of levels and percentages overridden are based on the ranking of the distributor

lifetsyle bonus

with Health Therapies's incredible lifestyle bonus, starting with the rank of ruby, you will qualify to receive a monthly lifestyle bonus which can be used towards a new car payment or other expense of your choice

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